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Working Together to Provide Collaborative & Connected Care

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Your leadership team

Because quality begins and ends at the top, our Johnson County Rehabilitation Hospital at Overland Park management team members are selected and appointed based upon their proven track record of success, personal and professional integrity, inspiration to others, and their ability to lead by example to carry out our mission, vision, and values.

Your treatment team

We believe the best rehab therapy for you is delivered by an inspired team of therapists, nurses, and physicians who seamlessly coordinate individualized therapy and medical care based upon established expected outcomes.

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This skilled and dedicated treatment team collaborates daily on your goals and makes revisions to your plan of care as needed to achieve your goals within our specialty services


The ongoing plan and corresponding progress are communicated to you and your family/caregivers throughout the patient’s journey. This plan serves as the road map back to independent living at the highest possible level. Click the down-arrows to the right to learn more about our team.

Because this ensures you have the highest chance of regaining independence to safely return to your life, we are committed to  hiring professionals with the highest levels of education, experience, and integrity possible.




Meet Anita Sandwell, Nursing Supervisor at Johnson County Rehabilitation Hospital. She started on August 15th, 2022. 

In my position, I focus on serving and supporting the staff as they care for our patients.  The nursing supervisor role involves evaluating the current patient census and staff availability to make assignments for the shift. The role develops and enhances work processes, supply availability , and patient safety to support the staff and protect our patients. The nursing supervisor role also has the privilege of providing hands-on care for patients and their families. 

Johnson County Rehabilitation Hospital is the perfect place for a patient to continue their recovery.  The staff are technically excellent and caring of the patients and their families.  The facility is beautiful and provides the services needed for the next steps in their healing.

Nursing allows me to use my love for science in serving the human condition. Working at Johnson County Rehabilitation Hospital provides me the opportunity to work with an outstanding staff as we support and educate patients in learning to care for themselves again.



Meet Karijo O'Donovan, Rehab Tech at Johnson County Rehabilitation Hospital

Our employees are the heartbeat of Johnson County Rehab Hospital and we treasure all they do for our patients and families.

She believes "Everyday is the opportunity to BE THE DIFFERENCE in someone else's life and the REASON THEY SMIL"

She loves what she does  becuase in some of the most difficult times in other people's lives, I get the opportunity to show compassion, be an encouragement and celebrate with them in the victories along the way!

Medical Director
Case managers
Physical Therapists
Speech Pathologists
Occupational Therapists
Rehab Techs

Johnson County Rehabilitation Hospital at Overland Park is a NOBIS- MANAGED rehabilitation hospital and is one of a group of state-of-the-art hospitals across the continental US.  The Nobis-operated hospitals all have a mission of delivering exceptional care through inspired people, industry-leading programs, innovation, and strong partnerships within the communities they serve.  

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