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Nurturing the Growth of Amazing Nurses at Johnson County Rehabilitation Hospital

Our amazing team of nurses is an integral part of our patients’ recovery. Without them, we simply wouldn’t be able to offer the same high level of life-changing care that we do today. Johnson County Rehabilitation Hospital is proud to partner with The DAISY Foundation to honor extraordinary nurses for the compassionate contributions they make every day.

What is The DAISY Award?

The DAISY Award celebrates and recognizes nurses by collecting nominations from patients, families and coworkers. It’s just one way to thank nurses for the care and kindness they provide.

The DAISY Award was established in honor of Patrick Barnes, who was diagnosed in 1999 at the age of 33 with the autoimmune disease ITP. The team of nurses who helped care for Patrick were incredibly kind and compassionate, and after Patrick died, his family wanted to turn their grief into something positive. They created The DAISY Award to say “thank you” to nurses who give the gift of compassionate care to patients and their families daily. DAISY stands for Diseases Attacking the Immune System.

What do nurses who win The DAISY Award receive?

When one of our nurses becomes a DAISY Award Honoree, he or she receives a certificate, an award pin, a stone sculpture from Zimbabwe, entitled “A Healer’s Touch,” and a celebration with staff. During this celebration, we treat each nurse and staff member to a cinnamon roll.

Why do we treat each nurse to a cinnamon roll? When Patrick was in the hospital, he lost his appetite. When his father brought him a cinnamon roll, he ate the whole thing and asked for his father to bring another the next day. Then he asked for his father to bring enough cinnamon rolls to share with all the nurses on the unit. Patrick and his family hoped that the lovely aroma of cinnamon would remind nurses how special they are and we want our nurses to feel the same!

Nominate a Nurse

Have you had a wonderful experience with one of our nurses? We encourage you to submit a nomination for The DAISY Award. You can nominate a nurse on The DAISY Foundation website

For more information about our amazing clinical care team, visit the About Us page on our website and for information about our rehabilitation services please visit Rehabilitation Services | Johnson County Rehab (

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